Loading ramps are TÜV certified and are made of highly resistant aluminum alloy. This provides maximum safety and manageability to a wide and various customer ranges and meets the lightest to the heaviest payload requests.

Information before ordering the right ramps you need. Frequently asked questions and answers for them.

Needed ramp length calculation?
Length calculation for all ramps is loading height division with 30%. All ramps which length is calculated with this formula have been tested and have TUV Health & Security certificates

What is the right loading height?
Distance from the ground to truck floor.

What is the weight of the equipment to be loaded?
Weight including the operator, additional equipment, and fuel.

What is the distance between the front and rear axles of equipment to be loaded?


What type of ramps I need according to equipment to be loaded?
For wheeled machinery – ramps with borders and anti-slip surface. 
For machinery with rubber tracks – ramps without borders.
For machinery with steel tracks – ramps without borders with special surface.

What is the recommended maximum tire or track width?
We recommend maximum 100 mm. width between ramps internal width and tire or track width.

What if I need a specific length or width?
We can manufacture aluminum ramps with specific length or width according to client needs.