Logistic ramps

Our company also offers the forklift ramps. They allow lifting equipment from the ground onto the trailer when there are no other ancillary devices. Good-quality ramps valued in the global market and characterized by long service life, strength and adaptability to different equipment are offered at the advantageous price-to-quality ratio.

A wide range of the products offered provides the possibility to choose the forklift ramps according to the required height, width and loading capacities. Whatever is the machinery you have (forklift, agriculture or construction machinery for daily use or industrial facilities), you will be able to choose the items best suited to your needs and specifics of use of the forklift ramps.

Forklift ramps offered by our company are distinguished by exclusive quality and strength. They are manufactured from steel. The strength and long service life of the ramps guarantee the highest-level standards of the occupational safety and health, easy assembly, and simple maintenance.

Products offered by our company are widely used across the globe and has numerous customers – from individual customers who use the equipment in their daily garden or household work to owners of enterprises of different size, who purchase forklift ramps for various business purposes.

The use of these ramps is very simple because their design allows them to be assembled by one person and without any special tools.

Like other products of ours, the forklift ramps guarantee exclusive quality, convenient use, user-friendliness and long service life. The equipment you select will assist you both in daily works and in business matters related to different facilities.