Van & Trucks ramps

Our customers can choose from wide range of van and truck ramps adapted to their different needs. The products offered include ramps for heavy-duty vans, folding ramps, and channel/cable ramps.

Van and truck ramps are manufactured using the top-quality technology. The main production material is light aluminium alloy, which is also used in the manufacturing of aircraft. All ramps may be attached to any vehicle without additional modifications or handling of the latter. Such ramps are perfectly suited for different loads – from light-duty machinery and industrial installations to large and heavy vehicles, trucks, platforms, and busses intended for different entertainment purposes, e.g., concerts and events. The products offered by the Company are used in different business areas across the globe.

Van and truck ramps are strong and have a long service life, which guarantees their excellent durability even when they are extensively and continuously used. Moreover, these ramps are light enough to make their use as easy as possible. Also, the assembly and use of the ramps is very simple, which ensures even greater convenience and effectiveness for customers.

Van and truck ramps are probably the most popular among companies providing transport and freight services. Hundreds of international customers appreciate these products for their particular strength, high quality, and assistance in carrying out the necessary works quickly and effectively. Products offered by our company are used in different events, in the sphere of logistics, industry, and loading of expensive and valuable goods to trucks and vans.

The wide offering of products allows each customer to find what is the most suitable for the particular specifics of work and needs, and in the case of additional questions, the consultations and recommendations are provided.