Custom ramps

Our company also sells the custom ramps assembled according to individual needs of different customers. Such ramps are supplied for the purposes of everyday use by customers, as well as for commercial and entertainment purposes in order to guarantee exclusive attention to the customer as well as to the products and their parts.

The Company’s specialists are ready to consult each customer individually and assess the particular situation. Taking account of already available machinery and equipment as well as the purposes and frequency of use of the ramp, the most suitable solution and recommendations are provided. The choice of ramps depends on different parameters – the required ramp capacity, length, width, weight and maximum possible load. Depending on the designation of ramps – for walking of people, transport of light-duty garden machinery or industrial facilities and heavy-duty vehicles – the most optimal and suitable solution can be offered.

All ramps offered for sale are made of the highest quality aluminium alloy, which is also used in the manufacturing of high-powered aircraft. The strength, durability and long service life guarantee the perfect use of the products for many years after their acquisition. While being strong and hard, the ramps are sufficiently light and flexible and therefore their use and handling is very simple, making the customer’s work easier, without creating any additional inconvenience. All ramps are manufactured according to the most state-of-the-art technologies and with the particular attention to the occupational safety and health requirements.

The ramps marketed by our company are distinguished by their wide and high-quality assortment. Each customer can find the products best suited to his needs – from equipment used in everyday household works to ramps adapted for heavy-duty vehicles. The highest quality and effectiveness will be guaranteed irrespective of the designation of selected ramps.

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