Plant & Vehicle ramps

ST95/20 3900 2000 95 600 13 346
ST108/20 5500 2000 108 600 17 382
ST122/20 7000 2000 122 600 20 412
ST95/25 3500 2500 95 750 16 346
ST108/25 5500 2500 108 750 19 382
ST122/25 7000 2500 122 750 25 412
ST140/25 9500 2500 140 750 33 410
ST140/25L 9500 2500 140 750 35 460
ST155/25 14000 2500 155 750 41 466
ST155/25L 14000 2500 155 750 44 516
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We offer a wide choice of plant and vehicle ramps. Ramps sold to customers have different technical characteristics that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding buyer.

It is possible to select the required ramp according to different parameters – capacity, height, length, width and maximum load. Ramps supplied by the seller are provided with several different connection options that guarantee convenience in different situations. Capacities of the offered equipment vary between 3600 and 55000 kg., length – between 2000 and 5500 mm., and width – between 346 and 670 mm. Surface profiles of ramps are manufactured by pressing the aluminum alloy of particularly high quality (6005A type), which is also used in the manufacturing of aircraft – it guarantees long service life of ramps even when they are continuously used. Ramps offered to customers are welded so as to ensure their strength, hardness, and durability. Nevertheless, ramps are light enough and, therefore, easy-to-handle and compliant with requirements of occupational safety and health. Tilted bottom of ramps facilitates easy access to using different lifting wheels or carriages. The storage of plant and vehicle ramps is particularly easy because they can be simply laid when they are not used.

Quality, durability and easy use – these are the main characteristics that distinguish the products of our company from other suppliers’ products. Wide choice of products allows everyone to choose the products best suited to the particular individual or business works and needs. If you can’t find suitable for plant or vehicle ramps or if any other questions arise, it is recommended to contact our team which is always ready to consult and helps in selecting the best option.