About Us

The main mission of Aintra is to supply top-quality parts of construction machinery and accessories for business and individuals and to ensure smooth service. We have been operating since 2015, and from the very outset of our work we attempted to offer to you only the best products of reliable manufacturers, professional consultations and affordable prices. Today, having become recognised suppliers not only in our region, but across Lithuania we are still devoted to our values.

We are doing our best to ensure that the end-to-end sales process – from finding of products to their delivery to you – is performed professionally and bearing in mind that the most important thing is that you receive what you need.  And this is always a product which has a long service-life and will suit the particular situation. Our employees have required knowledge and skills. If any unexpected situations emerge, we are always trying to settle them reasonably and taking into account your requests.

Our store in Marijampolė and e-shop offer various accessories and parts of construction machinery. You can select from good quality aluminium ramps the construction which will help you transport both household equipment and heavy-duty transport vehicles.


  • Light trailer ramps manufactured using good quality aluminium alloy will facilitate the loading of machinery on a trailer, bring a mower, grubber or motorcycle into a trailer or another motor vehicle.

  • Our strong plant and vehicle ramps of up to 55 000 kg capacity are valued by farmers, road workers and specialists of other spheres who know that transpiration of heavy-duty machinery is a responsible work full of challenges.

  • Drivers of microbuses carrying goods in Lithuania and abroad can’t imagine their work without convenient van and truck ramps. These access ramps are easily adaptable to different models of microbuses, are save and convenient for use, because they are provided with required auxiliary parts.

  • Portative aluminium bridges with railing and non-skid surface are indispensable on construction sites and in the areas where urban renovation works are carried out.

  • Our specialised ramps and platforms for the disabled facilitate movement of the disables in public spaces.


We can offer to you mobile and stationary, folding ramps and ramps with accessories for easy use and transportation. All our ramps are manufactured in Europe. The internationally recognised certification mark TÜV testifies to their quality and safety.