Wheelchair ramps

Today, the problem of the movement of people with disabilities in public spaces is increasingly being addressed through production flexibility and technological advances. Robust, quick-to-install, durable and versatile ramps and ramps are irreplaceable when the need for disabled people to access the building or other space at a higher or lower level arises. It is a great alternative to a high-priced platform lift that is not always aesthetically pleasing.

We can offer a wide range of wheelchairs, special transport ramps and ramps for your individual needs. Aluminum structures made in Italy are already appreciated by our customers for their high quality and precise application to the specific situation. Aluminum products are lightweight and corrosion resistant, so they are suitable for intensive use and easy to transport. All products withstand the intended load and are responsibly tested before being placed on the market. The quality, safety and sustainability of the products we sell are certified by TÜV, recognized in Europe and worldwide.

Purchase a wide solid surface ramp with a non-slip surface and a guardrail to prevent potential accidents. Alternatively, plan to install a ramp with a handrail in the space provided and be confident that wheelchair users, people with wheelchairs, or people with reduced mobility will be safe and comfortable. Folding ramps, ultra-light two-part ramps and sills will come in handy when dealing with the simplest possible emergency or pulling the auxiliary structure when not in use. This procedure will be easily done by one person without any assistance. Aluminum ramps and ramps are a rational solution for single-family homes and apartment buildings, as well as for sanatoriums, hospitals or other public buildings, and for crossings of uneven height.

Provide us with the dimensions of the product you need, choose a ramp or ramp design that fits your environment, and we will fulfill your order. We guarantee smooth communication at the time of ordering and favorable delivery conditions.